Sites about artistic, cultural and entertainment activities, events, institutions, businesses and organisations in England.
Few sites will qualify for a listing at this level.

If your site related to a specific locality, county, or region of England, then it should be submitted somewhere under that category. If you site relates to the whole of the UK, then it should probably go somewhere under UK: Arts and Entertainment.

Submitting inappropriate sites here will only delay review and potential listing by the editors.

This category lists sites about artists and places that sell art, such as shops and art shows.
Sites for artists and galleries should be submitted direct to their local town category. Please only submit sites to this category if the gallery has multiple branches in several English counties.
This category is for sites about recurring local events and festivals related to arts and entertainment.
For sites about museums across England.
This category is for sites which cover museums in England or in more than one region of England.

Important - Please Read

Please don''t submit an individual DJ''s website here - it belongs in its locality.

We ignore area served. To be eligible for a locality listing, a website must include locality information - preferably in the form of a contact address. A mobile phone number and a vague reference to the South East won''t cut it.

Submissions ignoring these rules are likely to be declined.

Individual photographers are not listed here unless they have premises in several UK regions. They are listed in their localities if known. They can also be listed at UK level.