Retailers of music and music-related products, from instruments and equipment to sheet music.
This category is for sites selling DVDs and videos on-line in the UK.
For directories of UK entertainment shopping sites.
Digital versatile disc distribution is divided into six regions. The UK is included in Region 2. DVDs without region coding can be played in DVD players world-wide. The manufacturers/studios release non-region coded DVDs (also called 'Region 0' DVDs) intending them for international distribution without geographical restrictions.
This category is for sites selling DVDs and videos on-line in the UK.

UK on-line sales or hire of PA systems, DJ equipment, multitrack recorders and other professional or semi-professional music equipment.

For home stereo, see Consumer Electronics.

For musical instruments and accessories, see Instruments.

Retailers offering a range of musical instruments for sale on-line in the UK.
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This category is for sites that offer online tickets for the entertainment events in the UK.
Please submit only sites that sell tickets for the UK events. Sites that feature tickets around the world should be appropriately placed either in the regional categories or top level category: Tickets