This category is for sites offering health and beauty products and services. If your site is about a local clinic or therapist, you should submit it to the appropriate country, county or town category.
Please submit your site to the most relevant category or sub-category. The title should be that of your organisation and the description should accurately state what is on your website.
This category contains nationwide haircare/cutting businesses with branch networks spanning the whole UK.

It may also contain organisations of national interest - such as professional industry bodies.

Local hairdressing salons and hair treatment clinics will not be listed at this level, and suggesting them here will probably delay their review/listing - please suggest such sites to the appropriate category under their locality (town/village).

A beauty salon is an establishment offering beauty treatments. A spa is a facility providing therapeutic treatments involving water.
Sites providing information about beauty salons or spas and which are of general interest to a national readership will be listed here. If your salon or spa is based in a specific town or region, it will not be listed here. Please submit your site to the appropriate regional category.