This category contains sites relating to the children's television show "The Adventure Game" that aired from 1980 to 1986 in the United Kingdom.
Animated 70's BBC children's series featuring the exploits of Bagpuss the cat and friends. Created by Oliver Postgate.
Set in the fictional Scottish village of Balamory (actually filmed mainly in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull), the program follows stories and events in and around a group of coloured houses and playgroup. Characters include Miss Hoolie, the nursery teacher, PC Plum, Spencer the artist, Archie the inventor, Josie Jump the fitness enthusiast, Susie Sweet and Penny Pocket in the village shop and cafe, and Edie McCredie the bus driver.
60s BBC cartoon show featuring the adventures of Captain Pugwash, whose ship, the Black Pig, was crewed by Master Mate, Willy, and Tom the cabin boy. Pugwash's arch-enemy Black Jake does his best to thwart the captain's plans, but never seems to succeed.
Cult 70's ITV series about a wizard transported 900 years into the future, starring Geoffrey Bayldon.
Show about a family of pink, mouse-like puppet creatures who live inside a small blue planet. The series first aired in 1969.
Channel Four video game show with reviews, news and cheats; it first aired in 1992.
'80s CiTV role-playing game show in which contestants wander around a computer-generated medieval fantasy world, guided by their teammates.
'70s BBC animated series, featuring Mr Benn, an otherwise ordinary resident of No. 52 Festive Road. Mr Benn visits the fancy dress shop, and embarks upon wondrous fantasy adventures everytime he goes through the back door located in the changing room, with the theme of the adventure depending on the costume he has donned.
BBC children's sitcom about the dysfunctional life of a fictional Prime Minister's 12 year-old son. Starring Robert Bathurst, Joe Prospero and Carla Mendonca. Written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman. First broadcast on BBC 1 in March 2003.
80s BBC animated series featuring Postman Pat and his friends in Greendale. Pat embarks on various adventures whilst doing his post rounds.
Early 90s CiTV show about the story of a newspaper called the Junior Gazette that was run by a team of schoolchildren.
'70s and '80s CiTV show featuring Geoffrey Hayes and puppets George, Zippy and Bungle.
Long-running puppet show featuring Sooty the bear, Sweep the dog and Soo the panda that first aired in 1968. It also featured puppeteers Harry and Matthew Corbett.
Pre-school orientated show, featuring four colourful characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po, who live in their green house in the middle of Tellytubby land.
80s animated CiTV railway series revolving around the adventures of Thomas and friends.
Children's BBC (CBBC) programme featuring a group of preschoolers, played by full-body puppets.
A programme that was designed for both deaf and non-disabled children alike which was aired by the BBC from 1964 to 1977, starring David Cleveland, David Wyatt and Tony Amies.
Series based on Elizabeth Beresford's books about the Wimbledon Common-dwelling creatures who collect and find new uses for rubbish. The show first aired in 1973.