Photographic services are typically provided by small businesses operating within easy travelling distance of their bases and will usually belong in the county or town category which best fits their area of operation. If a business operates across national or regional boundaries in Britain and if image capture is the dominant activity, it should be posted in the Photographers sub-category. Please post here only businesses which operate in such a large part of the UK that they cannot be listed at country or region level, and which offer additional services, e.g. an image library, besides photography itself. National organisations should also be posted here. Suppliers of equipment, materials and processing services, and sites mainly selling prints, belong in Shopping under Business and Economy.
This category is for associations that are of interest to both amateur and professional photographers, and associations for minority or specialist branches of photography. Very few sites will be eligible for listing here.
Clubs and associations for amateur photographers should be sent to the non professional category. Associations for professional photographers should be sent to the professional category.
This category contains UK based photographers' web sites. The emphasis of the category is on the photography and photographer rather than the subject matter itself.
Sites submitted to this category should have a UK relevance and be in English.

Wedding photographers should be submit to: Weddings and Events

Commercial Photographers should submit to: Commercial Photography

A category for all stock photography web sites.