This category contains resources for and about literature in the UK and links to British literature elsewhere in the directory. Sites listed here are about books, poetry and writing that originate from, or focus on the UK including writing and reading groups, publications, events and organisations.
The topic of literature is international and sites should nearly always be submitted to a suitable category within Arts/Literature.
A site may be listed here in addition to Arts/Literature at the discretion of the editor.
A site with a strong connection to a locality within the UK may be listed by location as well.

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Literature festivals in the UK.
Guides and directories which may include reviews, news, interviews, commentary and analysis.
Links to UK events, journals, ezines, poets and resources for writers and readers of poetry.
Please use the following format for submitting personal poetry pages:

Last Name, First Name - Title of Site


Doe, Jane - Thoughtful Poetry
A small collection of poetry about love and riding