This category tree is for websites for or about artistic and entertainment activities, including artists, institutions, organisations and events, in the United Kingdom.  The UK Topical section of the directory lists sites by topic,  and depending upon the category, you will find sites of broad nationwide interest or in some cases, nationwide lists of sites. 
Sites may be listed again by geographic location, and by following the links to the four countries and then the counties and localities, you will find resources relevant to specific locations within the United Kingdom.

Very few, if any, sites will be listed at the top of this category.

Please find the correct sub-category for the topic and suggest the website there.
Provided a physical address is included on the website, you may also wish to suggest the website to the category for the geographic location.
Not all sites will be suitable for listing once by topic and once by location.
For more information on how UK sites are listed please consult the UK FAQ

Links to actors and actresses either born in the UK, or spending the bulk of their working time in the UK.
We will only accept Anime sites which are created in the UK. Please remember that we will not accept Adult/Hentai sites.
Design of the built environment in the UK.
This category is for decorative body modifications of all kinds, such as tattooing, body piercing, body painting, traditional Indian mehndi (painted henna designs on the hands and feet) and decorative scarification and branding. Some sites may also discuss other temporary forms of body decoration such as extreme hair colours and irregular suntans. Bodyart covers a span from pure decoration to a deeply religious ritual rite of passage, from the modern fashion statement to a spiritual return to the thought patterns of our more primitive ancestors.
Site submission should be made here if your site is backed by a brick and mortar establishment, located in the United Kingdom, that offers a variety of services such as; tattooing, piercing, bodypainting, scarification, branding, and mehndi.

Establishments that specialise in only one form of bodyart should check the available sub categories under Bodyart Studios.
This category is for celebrities either born in the UK, or who spend much of their working life in the UK. It includes fashion models, dancers, magicians, and radio and TV presenters. Actors and actresses are in a separate category.
This category lists sites about arts activities and initiatives that involve a community, or are aimed at the cultural development of a community.
Please only submit DVD-related sites that have a clear UK bias. If you are submitting a global or more general site, please use the Arts: Movies: DVD category.

Online disc retailers should choose to submit their site to Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: DVD.

The category Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Business and Economy: Shopping: Music and Film : DVD and Video should be used for retailers that do business on the high street, or a so called "clicks ''n'' mortar" retailer.

UK based hardware retailers should submit listings to Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Business and Economy: Shopping: Consumer Electronics: DVD Players.

Guides and directories for Arts and Entertainment in the UK.
Local directories will not be listed here. Look for the correct geographic location and submit your site there. For more information on how UK sites are listed please consult the UK FAQ
National and specialist libraries in the United Kingdom.
Please only submit sites of national libraries. Local libraries should be submitted to the relevant Arts and Entertainment category at the local level.
This category contains resources for and about literature in the UK and links to British literature elsewhere in the directory. Sites listed here are about books, poetry and writing that originate from, or focus on the UK including writing and reading groups, publications, events and organisations.
The topic of literature is international and sites should nearly always be submitted to a suitable category within Arts/Literature.
A site may be listed here in addition to Arts/Literature at the discretion of the editor.
A site with a strong connection to a locality within the UK may be listed by location as well.

Sites about "British Literature" as a topic and of interest to a wider audience should submitted to Arts/Literature/World_Literature/British.
Sites about authors should be submitted to Arts/Literature/Authors
Sites about genres should be submitted to the appropriate category within Arts/Literature.

Sites about museums in the United Kingdom.
This category contains links to museums categorised by specialist topic, if your site is better suited in one of these specialist categories, please submit there instead.

Museums are often of both nationwide and local interest and most will be suitable for listing by location as well as, or instead of, in any of these categories.

Currently ALL submissions should be in the letter/ number category that is appropriate to your Surname, band, group or act.

All submissions here will be moved to the appropriate sub-category. It is advisable that you submit the site yourself to the appropriate letter or number. Thank you.

News services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, and journals covering arts and entertainment in the United Kingdom.
The focus in this category is sites of nationwide interest and relevance that cover a broad spectrum of arts and entertainment, or span several topics.

If your site covers a more defined area of activity submit to the category for that topic even if no News and Media subcategory exists. If your site is relevant to a more defined location, submit to the category for that location.

Sites listed here will be concerned with comedy performances in the United Kingdom, and the individuals and groups involved.
Sites about television shows belong in Television Comedy.
Photographic services are typically provided by small businesses operating within easy travelling distance of their bases and will usually belong in the county or town category which best fits their area of operation. If a business operates across national or regional boundaries in Britain and if image capture is the dominant activity, it should be posted in the Photographers sub-category. Please post here only businesses which operate in such a large part of the UK that they cannot be listed at country or region level, and which offer additional services, e.g. an image library, besides photography itself. National organisations should also be posted here. Suppliers of equipment, materials and processing services, and sites mainly selling prints, belong in Shopping under Business and Economy.
For everything related to radio in the UK.
Sites relating to television in the United Kingdom.
Do not submit sites with pictures ''borrowed'' from other sites to this category.

Do not submit sites that are under construction.

Do not submit sites with no content.

The visual arts are art forms that focus on the creation of works which are primarily visual in nature. They include drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture.
Sites submitted to this category should have a UK relevance and be in English. If your site falls into an area covered by one of the subcategories, please submit it there.
This category is for sites with resources and information about the art, craft and/or business of writing in the United Kingdom. This may include writing skills, practical advice and organisations, and cover fiction and non-fiction writing, freelancing and self publishing.