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Very few, if any, sites will be listed in this category. Please find the correct subcategory for the topic and submit your site there.

You may also submit to the category for the geographic location of your site. Not all sites will be suitable for listing once by topic and once by location. For more information on how UK sites are listed please consult the UK FAQ

Sites for or about artistic, cultural, and entertainment activities, events, institutions, and organisations in the United Kingdom. This section of the directory lists sites by topic, and depending upon the category, you will find sites of broad nationwide interest or in some cases, nationwide lists of sites.

Sites may be listed again by geographic location, and by following the links to the four countries and then the counties and localities, you will find resources relevant to specific locations within the United Kingdom.

There are no web sites listed at this level. Please submit to an appropriate subcategory.

This category covers the business and economic activities in the United Kingdom, including listings of companies and industries.

Territories which are not part of the United Kingdom, but dependencies of the British Crown.
Please look at the various sub categories carefully and submit to the correct category. Most categories are for sites of a broad nationwide interest only.

Sites of primarily local interest such as a school, should submit to the most appropriate category for that location.

Sites about education in the United Kingdom.
No websites are listed in this category.
This is a Regional section of the directory where websites are listed first and foremost by physical location. Look for the correct geographic category and then, for an appropriate subject category within that location. If there are no subject categories for that location, submit to the location itself.
This category provides links to the counties, regions and localities of England and to the major topics under which sites may be listed within those locations. All sites in this section of the directory are listed according to location.
Please ensure that you read the Category Description before submitting your site to this category. See also the Category Guidelines for a list of what will and will not be accepted in this category.
The UK has three levels of Government - central, regional and local. This category is for sites relating to all aspects of government. This will include information on statutory bodies working to UK Ministries and various research organisations. Local government sites tend to be duplicated across the Open Directory. They are located in the Local Government category under English, Welsh or Northern Ireland Councils. They are also found in the appropriate regional category, eg the Wirral local government site ( can be found at: as well as at: Increasingly the dividing lines between the various levels of Government are becoming blurred as are the distinctions between private and public bodies. However if you are submitting a site and are in any doubt as to whether this IS the right category please be assured - ODP editors will redirect your site to a more appropriate category if necessary! For sites related to the UK's political parties please see: Society/Politics/Parties/UK For sites which relate to the current discussions on the European union and single currency see: Society/Politics/European_Union/Debates,_Campaigns,_Issues/
Please note that very few sites qualify for a listing in this category. To avoid lengthy delays, please ensure that you submit your site to the most appropriate category.

If your site is a UK wide Directory, please submit it to whichever of the following is the most appropriate:
UK Directories
Local Directories
Business Directories
Local Business Directories

If your site is a directory for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or one of the counties, towns or villages in these countries, please submit it directly to the most appropriate regional category.

If your site is limited to a specific topic or region, please submit it to the most appropriate topical or regional category such as:

Business Resources
London Guides and Directories

There are also topic specific categories such as:

Shopping Directories
Health Resources
Travel Guides
Search Engines

This category is for sites for the UK as a whole, not specific to any particular area or topics.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate subcategory within this Health section. Your site will only be listed if it contains information about health and is related to the UK. Shopping sites will not be listed in the Health section - please submit to the Shopping section.
UK based Web sites about health.
Sites primarily offering images or maps for sale (without significant free online content) will not be listed here.
Sites offering online maps, photographs, web cam views, satellite images or any type of visual representation of the places throughout the UK.
Sites are not generally listed at this level.
Please drill down into the subcategories to find the most appropriate category for your site.
This category includes UK sites for national magazines, radio and television stations, newspapers and similar media. It also incorporates UK news related topical sites, including journalism resources and journalists.
Sites submitted to this category should be non-topical and appropriate to the entire country. For example, a website directory covering more than one county.

The country is sub-divided into a number of localities and if your site is more specific to one of them, please submit there.

Also, please do not submit to any more than one category.

Northern Ireland is the smallest country of the United Kingdom, consisting of six separate counties.
Sites are not generally listed at this level.
Please drilldown and find the most appropriate/relevant subcategory for your site, and suggest it there rather than here.

Businesses selling sporting or recreational goods are listed under Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Recreation_and_Sports.

Sites about participation in arts activities such as dance, music, photography and drama are listed in the relevant categories under Arts_and_Entertainment.

This category includes sites about hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities in the United Kingdom; including national and local recreational / sporting organisations, services, facilities and events.
This category includes information about the natural environment of the UK, as well as scientific activities specific to the UK.
Please only submit web-pages to this category that relate to multiple areas within Scotland or that provide subject matter that pertains to the Country as a whole and for which there is no appropriate sub-category. Please note that there are specific sub-categories for:

Business and Economy, Travel and Tourism, Society and Culture, Guides and Directories to name just a few.

Failure to adhere to these rules will delay the review of your submission and could result in your submission not being considered for inclusion in the directory.

Contains pages of information that relate to multiple areas within Scotland or provides subject matter that pertains to the Country as a whole and for which there is no appropriate sub-category. Mozzie Awards 2009 - Best Category Over 2000 Sites - Runner-Up

The Society and Culture section covers a broad range of subjects about people''s relationships with and experiences of themselves, each other and the universe, past present and future.

Notice to those submitting sites: this category is for sites that are best described as being relevant to the Society and Culture (in general, not specific) of the United Kingdom as a whole.

If your site does not meet the above description, but is relevant to a specific part of the broad category of Society and Culture or is of interest only to a specific region of the UK, then it belongs in that part of the directory. For example, a study of the effects of radio emissions on children in your village might belong here, but the fete would attract more traffic if listed locally.

Recall that every site submitted is categorised by at least one editor, often more. Moving sites that are submitted in the wrong place to where they belong takes time, sometimes considerable time. You are therefore strongly advised to take a few minutes to choose the most applicable category for your submission. If necessary, read about dmoz: it will repay dividends in your use of the directory as well as potentially getting your site listed a lot sooner. This effort put into placing each site is for the benefit of users. Please try making the same effort when you submit: you might like it so much you consider becoming an editor (you should apply for a small category at first).

The Society and Culture section covers a broad range of subjects about people's relationships with and experiences of themselves, each other and the universe, past present and future.
Please only submit your site here if it offers information or services relating to transport in the United Kingdom.

Please ensure that you choose the most appropriate subcategory. Incorrect submissions will most likely delay the site being reviewed and may result in deletion.

United Kingdom transportation resources: - for those travelling to and from, and within the region; - transportation business.
Only sites offering Accommodation for the whole of UK should be submitted here. If your Accommodation is only for a specific area then it should be submitted to the local directories. E.G. Accommodation in Scotland should be submitted to Regional: UK: Scotland: Travel and Tourism: Lodging Accommodation in Wales should be submitted to Regional: UK: Wales: Travel and Tourism: Accommodation Accommodation in Northern Ireland should be submitted to UK: Northern Ireland: Travel and Tourism If it is a single location in England then it should be submitted to the County Directories. Regional: UK: England : County Tour Companies should submit to Regional: UK: Travel and Tourism: Tour Companies
Sites relating to travel and tourism in the UK. This may include sites relating to tourism resources within the UK and sites for UK residents who are researching and booking trips abroad. Submitting to Travel and Tourism
Commercial sites that do not offer services to UK residents should be submitted to the main Travel category or its relevant subcategories. If your site is relevant to a regional category linked from the Travel and Tourism category please submit your site there. Please do not submit to multiple categories within Travel and Tourism, if you are unsure where your site belongs or there is not an appropriate category then submit to the main UK Travel and Tourism category and editors will place your site in the most appropriate place. For Editors
Commercial services should go in the appropriate category eg Tour Companies, Transport etc. Regional specific sites would be better served in their correct regional category, this avoids overlaps and allows regional editors to give us the benefit of their local expertise. Not all Regional categories have an appropriate category for Tourism sites, hopefully we can encourage regional editors to create a category that we can @link to from the main Travel and Tourism category. Be prepared to liaise with regional editors on this issue.
If your site is about a specific locality, please submit it to the appropriate locality category. Businesses should submit to the locality category in which the business is physically located. Failure to comply will result in a long delay in getting listed.

The title should be the name of your company or organisation. Do not type in all caps. Do not include a list of keywords. Do not include your products. Do not write a sales pitch.

The description should be a brief summary of your organisation's products and services. The description should be in English and in coherent sentence form. Do not include superlatives or a sales pitch. Do not submit your company history. Do not submit a list of keywords. Do not use unnecessary capitalisation, or include HTML tags.

Submit to only ONE category. Submit to the best category possible. If you cannot find the proper category, first look elsewhere in the ODP. If you still cannot locate an appropriate category, submit the site to the best category possible.

This category is for sites pertaining to and emanating from Wales.
Ideally, sites should provide easily accessible data for the UK. Pay sites or offers of subscription services may be submitted, but a new category for them will be created if they become numerous.
Sites containing data or forecasts for the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Most sites include information for localities within the UK, and for other countries.
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