This category is for hotel accommodations that are based within the city of Riga.

Hotels are usually full service multi-level or high-rise establishments. Some offer services such as cocktail lounges, entertainment, shops, or recreational facilities.

The topic for this category is hotel accommodations with a physical presence in the city of Riga. To find a different locality, navigate to the list of localities under the name of this state.
  • Make sure the site title matches the name of the organization or entity.
  • In the site description, stick to the facts and avoid hype or promotional language.
  • This is a Regional category, so the location should be readily apparent on the site. The service area should also be apparent when applicable.
  • Avoid Excessive Capitalization.
  • Describe the site features as well as the subject of the site.

Please consult the ODP Travel Guidelines before submitting your site.

Thank you for your cooperation.