This category contains sites in the English language that relate to Travel and Tourism in Molise with a very general approach, such as direct travel providers, portals and vortals for tourists providing information and services with an approach to both destinations and accommodation on a region-wide level.
This category is only for sites in the English language about Travel and Tourism in general and all over the Molise region. You will have noticed that very few sites are listed in this category. Please submit your site to the relevant sub-category. Submitting to the wrong category will delay your site''s placement in the directory. Sites related to one specific lodging establishment (including hotels, motels, campsites, resorts, vacation rentals, bed and breakfast, hostels) should be submitted to the relevant locality category. Sites whose content is only about one specific province or locality should be submitted to that province or locality category. If you are submitting a multilingual site, submit the entry page URL and provide a language choice on the entry page of your web site. Notice: Please only submit sites which have an English section, sites which are entirely in Italian should be submitted to the proper category in World: Italiano: Regionale: Europa: Italia: Molise: Turismo. Please submit sites in languages other than English or Italian to the proper World[Language] category.
Questa categoria è soltanto per siti in lingua inglese che riguardano il settore Turismo su tutto il territorio della regione Molise, perciò non suggerite qui siti in lingua italiana, ma nell''adeguata categoria di World: Italiano: Regionale: Europa: Italia: Molise: Turismo.