This category is for Italian sites with online shopping facilities.
Sites in this category should be in the English language. Please submit Italian language sites to World/Italiano. Solamente siti in lingua Inglese (o con pagine in Inglese). Per i siti in Italiano: World/Italiano.
In this category are shopping sites selling a variety of products that are endemic to a geographic region of Italy or to an ethnic group.
Websites of Italian furniture retailers or resources related to the purchasing of furniture in Italy. This also includes office furniture, secondhand furniture, and garden furniture.
This category is for sites in the English language about Italian furniture retailers and resources related to the purchasing of furniture in Italy. Sites from companies which manufacture or make furniture but which do not sell directly to the public are listed under Italy: Business and Economy: Home and Garden: Furniture. Sites from furniture retailers which sell only locally should be submitted to their specific Localities category.
This category contains links to Italian localities with sporting goods shopping sites.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.