Towns and villages in Brandenburg.

This rural town of about 10.000 inhabitants lies 50 km south-east of Berlin. It was founded in the High Middle Ages (12th/13th century) by the Knights of Strele.
Located north of Berlin inmidst forests.
Britz is located close to Eberswalde. The famous sausage "Eberswalder Würstchen" is made in a factory in Britz.
To better differentiate between the two cities called Frankfurt - one in the east and the other in the west of Germany - they were given the name of the rivers where they are located as well. This city is named after the river Oder which marks the border between Germany and some of the East European countries.
Located at the border to Berlin. It has a well known race course with the same name.
This city is located near Berlin.
Sites about this location which is known for its beer.
New location including Bergholz-Rehbrücke after a merge.
First mentioned in 993 when it still was a tiny village surrounded by wet land. Since then the land was dried and Potsdam could grow in size. Gates remind of 2 periods where this happen to quite a big extend. As the residence for the Prussian kings and home to many people from different religions and countries Potsdam has a lot of parks and castles as well as houses from many different styles. SansSouci - built after Versailles, the New Gardens where the Potsdam conference took place shortly after World War 2 in an English style house, the Russian colony, the Dutch Quarter, a Chinese tea house and many houses in Italian style. Potsdam is also home to people like Marlene Dietrich and many movies which were filmed in the film studios in Babelsberg. Being close to Berlin adds to its attractiveness for tourists.
Rheinsberg is famous for its porcelain: often a dark blue whit white dots.