Sites that reflect the make up of France's community. This includes religious, civic, and historical sites, as well as personal pages pertaining to the region.

If the English Language site is not specifically geared towards this topic, please suggest it to the proper category.

Suggesting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

Submission Tips:

  1. When writing the site''s title please ensure it is the same as the organization.
  2. When writing the site''s description, please say what it offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.

Les sites en langue française doivent être proposés dans la sous-catégorie la plus appropriée de World/Français. Les sites bilingues français/anglais peuvent également y être répertoriés.

Thank-you for your cooperation.
For English Language sites advocating or organizing direct, vigorous action in France, either supporting or opposing one side of a controversial issue.

For English Language sites offering information and resources for expatriates living in France.

Please send sites for those originally from the region to the proper subcategory of Expatriates.

This category contains English Language sites for or about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people and related resources in France. It includes sites of both local and tourist interest.

Only suggestions offering information on France will be considered for this category. This may include regional guides, organizations, events, conferences and online communities.

For English Language sites pertaining to the study of family histories and specific family surnames of significance to France.
Lists English Language sites offering historical information related to or about France.
This category links to sites dealing with social controversies pertinent to France.
Non-profit making organizations based in France.
Includes English Language personal sites in which the main focus is on France. It is also for the personal sites of any of French residents, regardless of the main focus of the site.
Includes English Language sites related to the French political climate. Topics might include campaigns, elections, political parties, political issues and related organizations.
Includes links to religious and spiritual sites pertaining to France. Topics might include local churches or other places of worship, religious and spiritual organizations, issues or guides to worship in the area.