For directories, reservation services, and individual web sites for temporary accommodation in the Var, primarily for travelers.
For limited service lodgings situated in the Var, usually smaller establishments that emphasize a more personal, homelike relationship between operators and guests. Rooms may not include some modern amenities such as television and telephones, and may have a shared bathroom. Usually owner-operated, with a common room or lounge, separate from the innkeeper's living quarters, where guests and operators can interact during evening and breakfast hours. Some B&Bs offer cottages or guesthouses in addition to or instead of traditional "in house" accommodation. Evening office closures are normal. Breakfast is typically served and is included in the room rate.
This category lists sites for campsites and caravan parks in the Var.
Includes links to sites for establishments in the Var offering nightly lodging to travellers and other paying guests, as well as guides to hotels and motels in the department. Facilities may or may not include on-premises food and beverage service, entertainment, conference facilities, and recreational activities. Most will have staff on duty 24 hours a day.
For accommodation located in the Var with full kitchen facilities, rented by the day, week or month. The guests are expected to provide their own meals. Linens may or may not be provided. Vacation rentals come in many styles and forms and include condos, cabins, chalets, cottages, villas, gîtes apartments and houses.