This category is for companies that provide access to the Internet in Estonia.
Sites of companies that offer Internet access in Estonia. We highly recommend that you browse through the sub-categories and look for a more specific location in which to place your site, also please submit to the most appropriate geographic location. If your site relates to resources within a county or listed locality then submit it to that county or locality (even if there is no Business and Economy sub-category for that county or locality). Submitting to the wrong category will delay your site''s placement in the directory. Please only submit sites which have an English section, submit sites which are entirely in Estonian to World: Eesti: Äri. If you are submitting a multilingual site, please submit the entry page URL and provide a language choice on the entry page. The editor of this category may not be using the same operating system and or browser as you are, in fact it is very likely that he is not, so please ensure that your site works for other browsers and operating systems than your own before submitting here. If your site cannot be reviewed by the editor it cannot be added to the directory. Notice: Multiple submissions, repeat submissions, submission of mirror sites and similar techniques, with the intention of ''forcing'' a higher placement on the directory are most unwelcome and unnecessary. Such behavior will almost certainly delay, if not completely prevent, your submission being listed. (See the ODP terms of service) Please take a moment to read the Estonia category FAQ.