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Find links to local businesses and organizations related to computers. This includes sites for and about businesses that sell/rent computer hardware and software, computer training, and support services.
This category contains links to architects, engineers, builders, contractors, designers, material suppliers, plant and equipment, surveyors, janitorial, and civil earthworks. It also contains links to associated trades such as bricklayers and tilers, carpentry and joinery, concreters, excavation, electrical, painters, plasterers and finishers, heat, air and fire control system installers, plumbing, drainage and shop fitters.
This category is for sites pertaining to local employment conditions, including sites offering help in finding jobs in the local economy.
Please add your site to this category only if your site is about banking business. Your web site has to be written in English language in the order to be listed here. Thank you.
Links to the banks and their branches from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This category is for regional businesses and economic activity related to products and services intended for the home and garden. Examples of products include sellers of plants, swimming pools, and windows. Examples of services include suppliers of water softeners, interior design, lawn maintenance, pest control, and house-sitting.

This category will list companies that produce products from raw materials and the companies that support them, such as distributors, wholesalers, industrial supply companies and manufacturing representatives. The general types of companies that will be listed here are food processing, aviation, conveyors, electronic, guns, instrumentation, mining, drilling, chemicals and textiles; however, the list is not limited to these industries.

Companies in industries that have a separate sub-category in Business and Economy will not be listed here. Examples of companies not listed here are agriculture, automotive, computers, home and garden, oil and gas, printing, publishing, and telecommunications.

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