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Please submit only sites concerning Bed and Breakfasts in all or a large part of Central America. Individual establishments shoud be submitted under the Locality where they are physically located.
Bed and breakfast are generally limited service lodging facilities which:
  • Are smaller, owner-operated establishments which emphasize an "at home" feeling
  • Tend to be individually decorated
  • May be located in the same building as the innkeeper's residence
  • Offer breakfast which is usually included in the room rate
  • Are sometimes limited in amenities or service hours
Please submit the site to the most specific category; only submit sites for guesthouses in Central America.
Small-scale accommodations located near the operator's lodgings, with a dining area for guests or self-contained kitchen and dining facilities.
Individual resorts are listed once in the directory, under the Locality category where they are physically located.
Resorts are a destination for vacation travelers and those planning retreats, rather than simply being a place to stay while in an area. They offer features for holiday travelers over and above those provided by other lodgings. The amenities and surroundings of resorts are more important than the localities they're close to. Sites in this category include resort chains or directories, covering multiple resorts in more than one Central American country.
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