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Please submit only those sites whose content is primarily devoted to some or many aspects of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival.
This category is for all Websites exclusively devoted to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival in any and all of its manifestations, whether by Carnival artistes and bands or by them, whether by Trinidadians or about them.
Venues in Trinidad & Tobago only
Discos, clubs, nightspots
Dance groups, dance schools, dance troupes.
Please submit only those sites with content that is primarily devoted to music in Trinidad and Tobago, whether by or about certain musical traditions, bands or artists, whether of commercial or informative nature, by or about Trinidadians.

This is a broad level category, therefore, only submit those sites that cut across the boundaries of its subcategories or that cannot neatly fit into any one of those subcategories.

Trinidad and Tobago is a multiethnic country with cultural influences from several continents around the globe. This category lists those sites that feature that various musical traditions of the country.
Please submit only those sites that pertain to theatre and dance in Trinidad and Tobago.
This subcategory is reserved for sites pertaining to theatre and dance in Trinidad and Tobago, aside from Carnival or any of the other major Festival arts.
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