The many Khmer ruins found in Sisaket show it must have been important to the Khmer empire at least by the 12th century, although probably sparsely populated. According to local tradition, it was known Sri Nakorn Lamduan. It was later called Khukhan, after a town built in the late 15th century A.D. during the reign of the King Boromaratcha III of Ayutthaya. Ethnic Laos settled the northern portion of the province, and in 1786 the town Sisaket was formed, subject to Khukhan. In 1904, Sisaket was renamed Khukhan, while the original town was designated Huai Nua. Monthon Udon Thani was created in 1912, assuming the administration of the most of area. In 1933 the monthon system was ended, and the province of Khukhan was directly administrated from Bangkok. The name of the town and province was restored to Sisaket in 1938, with the district containing Huai Nua being called Khukhan. The Rasi Salai Dam built here in 1994 was unofficially decommissioned in July 2000 following devastation of local farming villages.