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Andong City is located on the Nakdong River in north central Gyeongsangbuk-do. It is famed as a center of traditional Confucian-Korean culture, and is home to the Dosan Seowon where the Neo-Confucian philosopher Toegye taught. The Hahoe Folk Village is also located here.
Bonghwa County is located in northern Gyeongbuk province, on the border with Gangwon province. Neighboring districts include Yeongju, Andong, Yeongyang and Uljin.
Information on the businesses and business climate of Gyeongbuk province in eastern South Korea.
Cheongdo County is located southeast of Daegu in southernmost Gyeongbuk province, adjoining Miryang City in Gyeongnam.
Cheongsong County is home to most of Juwangsan National Park. It's located in west central Gyeongbuk province.
Chilgok county is located in central Gyeongbuk province, directly northwest of Daegu metropolitan city. The county seat is Waegwan.
Information relating to educational activities and institutions within Gyeongbuk province.
Gimcheon city is located in far western Gyeongbuk province, on the border with Chungbuk.
Goryeong County is located in southwesternmost Gyeongbuk, with Daegu to the northeast and Gyeongnam province to the south and west.
Gumi city is located west of Chilgok County and east of Gimcheon city, in western Gyeongbuk province. The district has a population of around 400,000 people. Gumi, the county seat, is located on the Nakdong river.
Gunwi county is located directly north of Daegu metropolitan city.
The ancient capital of the Shilla Kingdom, Gyeongju City is a thriving provincial town east of Daegu.
Gyeongsan City is a suburban district immediately northwest of Daegu in central Gyeongbuk province.
Specific towns and villages within Gyeongbuk province, in addition to links to counties and cities.
Mungyeong City is in northwestern Gyeongbuk province, on the border with Chungbuk.
Pohang is a port city on the coast of the East Sea (Sea of Japan). It is home to the POSCO steelworks.
Sangju City is located north of Gimcheon and south of Mungyeong in western Gyeongbuk province.
Seongju county lies immediately west of Daegu in southwestern Gyeongbuk province.
Information for those travelling to and around the province.
Uiseong County is located north of Gunwi and south of Andong, in north central Gyeongbuk province.
Uljin County is located in the northeast corner of Gyeongbuk province, bordered by Gangwon province on the north and by the East Sea (Sea of Japan) on the east.
Ulleung County consists of Ulleung Island (Ulleung-do) and a few neighboring islets, far off the coast in the East Sea. It is connected by ferry to Sokcho (Gangwon province) and Pohang (Gyeongbuk province).
Yecheon county is located in northern Gyeongsangbuk-do, bounded on the north by Gangwon province, on the west by Mungyeong and on the east by Yeongju.
Yeongcheon City is located in eastern Gyeongbuk, northeast of Gyeongsan.
Yeongdeok County is on the East Sea coast of Gyeongbuk province, bounded by Uljin on the north and Cheongsong on the south.
Yeongju City lies in north central Gyeongbuk between Yecheon and Bonghwa. It contains roughly half of Sobaeksan National Park, the remainder of which lies in Chungbuk province.
Yeongyang county is located just inland in northeastern Gyeongbuk province.
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