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For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Site or Organization
or Source: Article Name

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

For sites concerned with humane treatment of animals or the well being of particular animals. Sites for shelters and rescue groups will be listed here, or in a separate cub-category when warranted.
Do not suggest sites about and for Filipinos living in other countries in this category. Suggest them to this subcat of Society/People/Expatriates.
Category for sites about life in the Philippines for natives of other countries. NOTE: Sites about and for Filipinos living in other countries are not here. They are in this subcat of Society/People/Expatriates.
Only submissions offering information on the Philippines will considered for this category. This may include regional guides, organizations, some events and conferences, and online communities.
Information, resources, and issues relevant to the gay, lesbian, and bisexual communities.
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