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Includes industry information and company listings for farming, agricultural, animal husbandry and forestry industries in Nepal.
Includes resources of automobile and automotive part manufacturers and dealers.
Includes links to Business to Business (B2B) services in Nepal.
Please submit only the sites fully offering classifieds for Nepal region. If your site is not fully geared towards this topic, please search for the nearest matching category at site.
Includes websites offering Classifieds for Nepal region.

This category is for the listing of sites with a presence throughout Nepal. If your site does not have locations or offer information serving the entire region, please submit to your locality instead.

Please only submit sites which offer Software Development and Hardware Services here. Sites offering other services should be submitted in the appropriate/specific category.

Submitting your site to the wrong category will hinder your site's addition to the directory.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site.

Includes links to businesses providing software and hardware solutions in Nepal.
If your company manufactures only a single product, or provides a specific service, please submit your site to the appropriate category under Business and Economy.
Includes sites of large Nepalese business houses, with interests in a variety of fields.
Includes links to the building, design and construction industry in Nepal.
Includes links to Nepalese business directories and online yellow pages.
Please submit websites of employment agencies with office located in Nepal offering local and/or overseas employment services. Site must be authored in English language.
Includes resources for career opportunities, recruitment, staffing services and manpower supply in Nepal.
Please submit sites which provide information on banking services offered in Nepal region.
Includes sites pertaining to banking, loans and financing in the Nepal region.
Please find the most appropriate subcategory for the site being submitted.

Thank you

Includes commercial Nepalese firms providing wholesale products, services, and distribution of food and related products.
Please find the most appropriate subcategory for the site being submitted.

Thank you

There is currently no description created for this category.
Includes resources related to associations of industries and businesses, helping to promote and facilitate business and trade.
Includes Websites of Real Estate companies and service providers located in Nepal.
Includes links to restaurants and bars in Nepal.
Includes resources offering online shopping services.
Business which provide Telephone, mobile and pager services in Nepal should be listed here.
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