Indonesian Maluku, Indonesian islands of the Malay Archipelago, lying between Celebes on the west, New Guinea on the east, the Arafura Sea and Timor on the south, and the Philippines, Philippine Sea, and Pacific Ocean on the north.
Please submit those cross-related to: (1) Maluku Utara kabupaten (regency), comprising Ternate, Morotai, Bacan, Sula, and Obi islands and the northern and southern portions of Halmahera island; (2) Halmahera Tengah regency, which includes the islands of Tidore and Gebe and the central and eastern parts of Halmahera; (3) Maluku Tengah regency, which includes Ceram, Baru, Haruku, Saparua, the Ceram Sea, the Banda Sea islands, and the island of Ambon outside the kotamadya (municipality) of Ambon; (4) the municipality, or city, of Ambon, which is the capital of Maluku provinsi; and (5) Maluku Tenggara regency, embracing the Kai, Aru, and Tanimbar islands, the islands of Wetar and Barbar, and the other small islands between these.