Retail shops selling goods to walk-in customers, and retailers who may take orders by phone or online but deliver goods only to the local area. This category can include malls, convenience stores, clothing, food, flowers and gifts, sporting goods, books and music. Online shops, and shops where the focus is selling and delivering goods nationally and/or internationally will be listed at country level and may also be eligible for listing in the Shopping/ directory. The following retailers should submit to the indicated categories for this location. If the categories do not exist, submit to the parent category. Artists and Galleries - Arts_and_Entertainment/Artists_and_Galleries/ Auto dealers - Business and Economy/Automotive. Garden centers and nurseries - Business_and_Economy/Home_and_Garden/Nurseries/ Drug stores, pharmacies, opticians, eyewear retailers, and equipment for assisted living are listed in the Health categories for this location.
This category is for English-language sites for businesses that have locations in multiple localities in Bali.

If your business has a single location or multiple locations within the same village/town/city, please submit your site to the appropriate locality category. If your business has locations on multiple islands in Indonesia, please submit your site to the Indonesia category.

Sites that have little or no English content should be submitted to the appropriate World category.

Please note that submitting your site to the wrong category can result in significant delays in the review of your site so please choose carefully.