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Business resources for the building design and construction and construction maintenance industry and/or consumers.
This category contains links to regions and localities with event planning sites such as caterers, equipment hire, convention, reception and wedding facilities. Additional links may be included to photography and video production or commercial bands and artists categories.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
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Commercial firms providing products, services, distribution or consultation about, for, or of food and related products.

This category will list companies that produce products from raw materials and the companies that support them, such as distributors, wholesalers, industrial supply companies and manufacturing representatives. The general types of companies that will be listed here are food processing, aviation, conveyors, electronic, guns, instrumentation, mining, drilling, chemicals and textiles; however, the list is not limited to these industries.

Companies in industries that have a separate sub-category in Business and Economy will not be listed here. Examples of companies not listed here are agriculture, automotive, computers, home and garden, oil and gas, printing, publishing, and telecommunications.

All about food and beverages in Indonesia
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