This category is for websites of communities based on a common origin, kinship, religion, language, caste, or based on a combination of these.
Adivasi ('original people', or 'first people') are tribal peoples found all over India. They are generally marginalised by the caste structure. The distinction between them and the Dalit communities may be unclear. However the Adivasi are often found separate from other communities as forest dwellers, or living in isolated rural areas.
This category is for websites concerned with Dalits. This consists of communities in India that are low on the caste hierarchy, and are sometimes referred to as 'untouchable'. Other names sometimes used for them include 'Harijan'. The term Dalit may or may not include the Adivasi communities.


Jat communities are found in northern India and Pakistan, especially Punjab, and may be Hindu, Muslim or Sikh.
The Saraswat communities consist of various Brahmin groups spread across India, who collectively claim their origin from the lands of the fabled (and now non-existent) Saraswati river.