Includes websites about the local area's geography, natural environment, and wildlife. It is also for sites about local activities, events, institutions, and organizations related to science and the environment, including zoos, botanical gardens, research institutions, clubs, and professional organizations.
This category is for websites that cover more than one place in India. Sites that are relevant to a particular state, district, town, or city should be submitted to the category for that place.

Only English language websites are listed here. Sites in another language should be submitted to that language''s category, found under World.

This category contains websites with information about the practices and science of agriculture in the country.
Agriculture oriented business websites should be submitted to


Websites concerning geology, soils, and related subjects directly relevant to the country.
This category lists sites about the National Parks of India.
Please submit only sites relating to National Parks.
Websites concerned with the natural water resources of the country, including rainfall, lakes, rivers and tanks. Some oceanographic resources may be listed under Earth Science.
This category contains websites with information on the country's wildlife.
This category is for wildlife and science oriented websites only. Travel oriented websites will not be listed here. They should be submitted to

or to