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Anantnag is one of the six districts of the Kashmir Valley situated in its south and south western direction. Geographically the district lies between 33o-20' to 34o-15' north latitude and 74o-30' to 75o-35' east longitude, bounded in the north and north-west by Srinagar and Pulwama districts respectively and in the north east by Kargil district. It is also bounded by Doda and Kishtwar tehsil of Doda district in the east and south east and bordered by tehsil Gool Gulab Garh of Udhampur district, Ramban teshsil of Doda district and tehsil Budhal of Rajauri district in the south and south-west. However, its western portion is contigous with Mendhar tehsil. Its entire southern sector and major part of the eastern region is strewn with thick forests and mountains. The height of these mountains in the east, south and west of the district ranges between 2438 meters to 3048 meters and in some areas, the peaks even soar to a height of 4572 meters. On the west the district is bounded by mighty Pir Panchal range mountains, through which passes the world famous Jawahar Tunnel. Situated at a distance of 55 Kms. of the south east of Srinagar, Anantnag is spread over an area of 3984 Sq. Kms. with a population of 11.70 lacs as it stood in 2001. The Anantnag is gateway of the Kashmir Valley and is called the granary of the Kashmir Valley as it is agriculturally very fertile. The district is predominantly rural and situated at an average height of 1700 meters above sea level.
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Baramulla district is bounded by Kupwara in the north, Budgam and Poonch in the south,parts of Srinagar and Ladakh in the east and Muzaffarabad(Pak-occupied) in the west. The district which is named after its headquarters was initially pronounced as VARAHMUL.The district is spread over 4588 Sq.Kms.and its population according to 1991 projections is approx.9 Lakhs. Information about Baramulla district.
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Budgam district came into existence in 1979-80, prior to which it was part of Srinagar District. Budgam is formed of three tehsils namely Budgam, Chadoora, Beerwah. It comprises of 496 Villages and is surrounded by the districts of Baramulla, Pulwama, and Srinagar. The total geographical area of the district is 1371 sq Kms. Information about Budgam district.
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Information about the district of Doda.
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Jammu is situated on a hillock, on the bank of river Tawi and is bound by Udhampur district in the north and northeast , Kathua district in the east and southeast, Pakistan(Sialkote) in west and Rajauri district and Bhimber in the northwest. Its skyline was once dotted with glittering spires of temples. These spikes are no longer visible as most of these are hidden behind multi storyed buildings. The city has numerous shrines for Muslims, Sikhs and Christians also. Jammu also serves as base camp for the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. Jammu is also the Railhead of the state. Information about the district of Jammu.
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Kargil District is one of the most farflung areas of Jammu & Kashmir State. The entire area is a mountainous & cold desert. This region is separated from the rest of the state by high mountains which are crossed through passes at various points. Kargil District was carved out of the erstwhile District Ladakh in July, 1979. It has a geographical area of 14036 Sq. Kms.
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Known as Gateway of Jammu and Kashmir State, Kathua district lies in South-East of the State. It is located 32.17' to 32.55' north latitude and 75.32' to 75.76' east longitude. Spread over an area of 2651 sq.Kms constituting 1.9 per cent of the total area of the State, the district has a population of over 4.92 lakh as per 1991 estimates. Information about Kathua district.
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Kupwara is the backward frontier district of Kashmir Valley. District Kupwara was carved out form erstwhile district Baramulla in the year 1979. The District Headquarter "Kupwara" is situated at a distance of 90 kms from the summer capital of state Srinagar. The district is situated at an average altitude of 5300 feet from the sea level. The geographical area of the district is 2379 sqkms
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Ladakh is the north-eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir. Leh, at 9,500 feet above sea level, is its capital. This land of high passes marks the boundary between the peaks of the western Himalaya and the vast Tibetan plateau. Opened up to tourism in 1974, Ladakh has been variously described as 'the Moonland', 'Little Tibet' and even 'the last Shangri La'. It is one of the most remote regions of India, a cold desert that extends to vertigo inducing heights of over 25,000 feet. The second coldest inhabited place on earth, Draz, is located in western Ladakh. Information about Ladakh.
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Poonch district is the smallest of the 14 districts of Jammu and Kashmir.It falls between 33degree-25' to 34degree-01'north latitude and 73degree-58' to 74degree-35' east. Information about the district of Poonch.
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Carved out of Anantnag district, the Pulwama district came into being in 1979.The district,situated 32 Kms.from Srinagar in south Kashmir,is surrounded in the north by Srinagar,in the west by Poonch and Budgam and in the east by Anantnag. The total geographical area of the district is 1398 Sq.Kms.of which 1011 Sq.Kms are covered by forests. Information about Pulwama district.
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Rajouri district is located between 70 degree and 74 degree-4'East longitudeand 32 degree-58'and 33 degree-35'north latitude. It is approximately at a distance of 160 Kms.from Jammu district. Information about Rajouri district.
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Srinagar district, Kashmir, is named after the city.
Udhampur is the 5th largest Distt. of the Jammu and Kashmir state and is situated in the southern part of the state. It is bound by Anantnag in the north, northeast by Doda, southeast by Kathua and southwest by Jammu. Information about Udhampur district.
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