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The district of Ambala surrounds the city of the same name, located in northern Haryana.
Bhiwani district in Haryana is named after the town.
This district lies in the south of Haryana, and is named after the city.
This district lies in the north of Haryana state.
Gurgaon district in Haryana, is named after the city.
Hissar was one of the prime centers of Harappan culture(Indus Valley Civilization). In medieval times, it went through a number of conquets and upheavals. Today, the city is famous for the Chaudhary Charan Singh Agricultural University.
Jhajjar district lies in the central south of the state of Haryana.
Jind is a district in the north central region of Haryana.
Kaithal is district in northern Haryana, named after the town.
District named after the town, in northern Haryana state. It is supposed to have been a citadel in ancient times, because of the walls present around the city. The city of the same name is well known for shoes, basmati rice and agricultural institutions.
Kurukshetra is famous as the place where the epic Vedic battle, the "Mahabharata", was fought. It also contains some important Sikh and Sufi shrines. It is now famous for its excellent regional engineering college.
Mahendragarh district was formed in 1947 by joining various tracts of various erstwhile princely states. The town of the same name was previously known as Kanaud and was founded by one of Babar's servants, Malik Mahdud Khan. The town got its current name from the fort built in the city by Narinder Singh in 1861.
This is the northernmost district of Haryana.
Panipat district, Haryana, lies to the north of Delhi, and is named after the town.
This district of Haryana borders the state of Rajasthan and comprises of the towns of Rewari, Dharuhera, Bawal and Kosli.
Rohtak is a district right next to the national capital of India, New Delhi. There are many myths surrounding how the city got its name. The first one says that the name Rohtak is a corrupt version of Rohtasgarh. The second one claims that it derives its name from the Rohtika trees, which were suposedly cleared up to create this city. The last myth connects Rohtak with Rohitaka of the Mahabharata.
Sirsa is the most westerly district of Haryana.
The district headquarters are situated in Sonipat city. Other smaller towns are Gohana, Ganaur, Murthal and Rai.
The district headquarters are situated in Yamunanagar. Other smaller towns are Jagadhari, Radaur and Sadhaura.