This category is for online shopping services that deliver within India only and retail stores or chains that have physical stores in multiple States or Regions.

Single location retail outlets should be listed in the appropriate locality.
If your site is online only sales of retail quantities to consumers it belongs here if it primarily serves only the Indian market.

If it serves an International market it should be submitted to either Regional/Asia/Business_and_Economy/Shopping if it serves the Asian market, or the best fit within the Shopping section of the directory if it sells outside Asia as well.

Physical stores with online sales will normally be listed in the Locality of the retail outlet.
This category is for books and bookstores.
Please submit only sites relating to books and bookstores.
Be sure to read the entire description before suggesting a site. This category lists businesses in India that sell clothing, including accessories and footwear.
Websites must be based in India, and must have storefronts OR ship products across all or most of India. If not, please find the locality where the business is located, and suggest the site there instead.
India based online gift and/or flower stores shipping to most of India.

Only India based stores are listed here.

If you are based in some other country but also ship to India, your site belongs within
All sites related to shopping for music in India.
Sites that pertain to Weddings and Matrimony and offer items such as invitations, bridal decorations and accessories.