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Only English language sites will be accepted in this category. Please submit non-English sites to the appropriate language in the World/ hierarchy.

In addition, this category is for libraries specializing in the biological and/or environmental sciences. General science libraries belong in Reference/Libraries/Science_Libraries.

The biological and environmental sciences include biology, botany, zoology, anthropology, forestry, agricultural and veterinary sciences, earth sciences, geology, and environmental sciences.
Libraries accepted to this category will specialize in engineering subjects only; more general libraries or libraries including other subjects belong in the main Reference/Libraries/Science_Libraries category.
Engineering covers biomedical chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering topics (as well as others not here mentioned).
English language sites only, please! Non-English sites should be submitted to the proper category within the World/ hierarchy.
The physical and chemical sciences include physics, biophysics, chemical physics, chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and so on. Applied physics and chemistry may fall in both this category and engineering.
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