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Books related to the discovery of knowledge.
This category contains sites of companies that specialize in offering knowledge discovery services.
Submit in this category only portals and resources on the topic. Use the appropriate sub categories for other material. Information Visualization is not simply about producing simple charts and graphs from various data sets. The representations that fit in this category must be dynamic and interactive, or the tool must provide specific visual data analysis features to qualify for this category.
This category contains software and techniques for constructing interactive graphical representations of domains of knowledge.
Magazines and E-zines focused on the theory, techniques and practice of extracting information.
Organizations and societies dedicated to the method and theory of knowledge discovery.
Software tools for categorization, summarization and other forms of knowledge discovery.
Just as data mining techniques provide researchers with an automated method of gleaning unsuspected knowledge from structured electronic data (databases), parallel techniques are being developed to detect patterns and connections in unstructured electronic data (email, documents, websites). Text mining is in its infancy, but it offers hope for conquering the growing knowledge glut.
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