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Books that discuss the topic of information assets as they relate to the field of Knowledge management.
Please submit only sites dealing with professional firms or individuals that provide stand-alone services or implement custom-designed solutions for clients engaged in the discovery and accumulation of knowledge to achieve successful business intelligence.

Sites that principally describe products or companies which develop standard software or solutions for Business Intelligence should be submitted under Reference/Knowledge_Management/Information_Assets/Business_Intelligence/Software.

Mirrors, doorways and sites under construction will not be considered for listing.

There are many terms to describe what makes up the sum total of what a business or organization knows. Business intelligence can be defined as the gathering, organization, analysis and communication of actionable information on competitors, customers, and the industry to support strategic and tactical decision-making. Another term, "intellectual assets", reflects the often unrecognized value of corporate knowledge.
Please submit only sites directly related to Digital Asset Management.

Mirrors, doorways and sites under construction will not be considered for listing.

Digital asset management, also known as "media asset management" or "digital asset warehousing," refers to a centralized repository for any and all digital content. Digital asset management systems typically include short descriptions or thumbnails of digital content, known as metadata, which are stored in a database for easy searching and management.
Please submit only sites that are specific to how to harness collective intelligence and commitment at all levels of an organization.
Term used to describe groups in which the organization itself is designed to adapt to changing conditions as opposed to the literal interpretation, a group of people devoted to learning. This makes it more like a chess-playing computer designed to improve with practice than a club that teach chess players better skills. As the quantity and character of knowledge changes and expands, the luxury of learning and honing a static set of skills throughout life is no longer an option. This is as true for organizations as it is for individuals. Where this is not recognized, individuals must shoulder the responsibility for their own development. In a learning organization, development is a shared and coordinated activity where personal visions and newly acquired skills become the stepping stones to the development of the organizational vision and its success. A true learning organization realizes that it is the sum of the knowledge, skills and experiences of its members, and that it must also consciously grow new skills.
Sites that offer tips and resources for using interactive associations and mnemonics to improve memory.
Organizational, like human, memory requires a great deal of effort to build. The process of "teaching" an organization the explicit knowledge it needs to remember can be costly, especially since we cannot foretell what knowledge will prove to be the most useful. Much recorded information will become obsolete before it is ever needed again. Other knowledge we would prefer not to remember. If organizations, like people, remember what they did wrong, they are less likely to repeat their errors. But if they remember too many of their worst experiences, they are less likely to take necessary risks
Please suggest only sites directly related to software that enables information asset management.

Only sites with substantial English-language content will be considered for listing. Sites which do not have substantial English-language content should be suggested to the appropriate World category.

Please read and follow the site suggestion guidelines for writing titles and descriptions. Titles and descriptions that do not adhere to the site suggestion guidelines will be revised by the listing editor.

Mirrors, doorways and sites under construction will not be considered for listing.

Software that enables information asset management.
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