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This category is for sites which relate to: Consulting, advisory, custom development, and other professional firms and individuals. May or may not have proprietary products / software, but these firms and individuals provide stand-alone services or implement solutions which are: -- custom designed and delivered for clients -- implementations of packaged software produced by third parties -- independent of proprietary products DO NOT submit sites which principally describe products or companies which develop standard software or solutions for KM. These sites should be submitted under: - Reference: Knowledge Management: Business and Companies: Software Products
Knowledge Management is the science of storing, indexing and retrieving information to add value to an organization. It focuses on creating a "repository" of collective knowledge, intellectual capital, skills and experience. KM is usually focused around developing processes and systems to help people in an organization answer questions such as: Who in our organization knows something about ____? What have we done in the field of ______? Where can I find information related to the ______ product or service? Who should I turn to for help on _______? Knowledge management focuses on leveraging an organization's collective knowledge and experience to improve performance; the focus in on processes such as strategic planning, problem solving, learning and decision making. It also protects intellectual assets from decay, adds to firm intelligence and provides increased flexibility. There are a number of companies which provide consulting services, software products or other services in the area of Knowledge Management. These range from specialized firms which focus solely on KM to large information technology companies which have specialized resources in KM.
Sites and articles that provide specific examples of applications or techniques widely used or generally applicable to the field Knowledge Management.
Directories and portals dedicated to the field of Knowledge Management.
Sites that offer methodologies and techniques for managing the flow of knowledge between individuals in organizations and institutions.
Sites that offer information on educational and training opportunities in Knowledge Management.
Sites with information on careers and job opportunities in the field of Knowledge Management.
Please suggest only English language sites, multi-lingual sites with an English-language version or sites with substantial English-language content.

Sites which do not meet the required English-language content should be suggested to the appropriate non-English language category in /World.

Mirrors, doorways and sites under construction will not be considered for listing.

Conferences, meetings and workshops related to the field of Knowledge Management.
Focuses on methods used to improve the navigation of classification systems, or taxonomies, and the design and implementation of these methods.
When the availability of information outstrips the time and energy of those who could potentially use it, frustration can result. This condition is often referred to as information overload or infoglut. Left unresolved, this can lead to inefficiency at best, job burnout at worst.
As the world enters the Knowledge Age, information on virtually every aspect of our lives and businesses is becoming available at an increasing rate. When the availability of information outstrips the time and energy of those who could potentially use it, frustration can result. This condition is often referred to as information overload or infoglut. Left unresolved, this can lead to inefficiency at best, job burnout at worst.
Knowledge involves the transformation of information into capabilities for effective action. This can only be done through human understanding. The human mind can create unique connections between seemingly unrelated information to come up with breakthrough ideas, but to do this, the mind must be trained to see beyond the obvious.
Submit in this category only portals and resources on the topic. Use the appropriate sub categories for other material. Information Visualization is not simply about producing simple charts and graphs from various data sets. The representations that fit in this category must be dynamic and interactive, or the tool must provide specific visual data analysis features to qualify for this category.
As the volume of information surges, it becomes increasingly difficult to rescue interesting and thought-provoking concepts from among the undifferentiated flood of words and images. The use of automated methods and tools to encourage and/or confirm new ideas by analyzing bulk information can help individuals and organizations to uncover heretofore unsuspected patterns and connections.
Please submit only sites specifically related to knowledge representation. Companies and more general AI sites belong in other categories.
Knowledge representation covers techniques for representing and storing knowledge in a way that is usable by a machine, for instance, programming languages specifically formulated for working with knowledge (knowledge representation languages), and databases for storing facts about the world.
Retrieval involves the processes by which stored information can be recalled, from handwritten indexes and card catalogs to digital tagging and search engines.
Please submit only sites from organizations whose primary function involves knowledge management.

Commercial sites which promote knowledge management equipment should submit to the category Reference: Knowledge Management: Business and Companies.

This category is for sites produced by organizations whose primary function involves Knowledge Management. Knowledge Management is the field that examines how knowledge, whether public or private might be captured, represented, stored and applied for a range of knowledge intensive tasks - whether that be decision support, computer assisted learning, research (for example, hypothesis testing) or research support.
Books, journals, magazines and E-zines related to the field of Knowledge Management.
Knowledge management has a wide variety of aspects, most of which are implemented via some sort of technology. Numerous companies have set up suites of interacting tools to cover a wide range of KM functions. This category was originally devised to hold websites that deal with these interacting, mostly large suites of tools. Cross references have since been set up to link software & tools that relate to single or limited aspects of KM which are listed under that purpose.
Individual weblogs that are broadly applicable to Knowledge Management are submitted here. Weblogs that are topic specific should be submitted to other areas inside of Reference/Knowledge_Management. Weblogs that do not fit this topic or do not fit within a broad topical area of Knowledge Management almost certainly should go to
Primarily for weblogs that are broadly applicable to Knowledge Management.
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