This category addresses school safety for parents, students, educators, law enforcement and legislators. School safety is divided into sub-categories because of the diverse nature of the subject and the heighten concern in the 1990's: programs, publications, organizations, conferences, training opportunities and environmental concerns of maintaining a safe school. While some links relate to school violence, specific school violence links can be found at Society: Issues: Violence: School. School safety includes science safety as well. For lack of a better home for the category, there is a subcategory of school safety which addresses these issues.
Intended as a resource for all school subjects (especially biology, chemistry and physics) regarding safety in labs and in conducting research or experiments. Most material will have a target audience of high school or college professionals and/or students, but none of the sites are so technical that nonprofessionals will have trouble with them. This is not a category for products which enhance safety. This is for information which, if read and followed, will lead to safer labs and lab behavior.
Articles, publications, and tools for School Resource Officers.