Information and resources for educators in higher education, professors, instructors, graduate students, professional developers, and administrators.
Professors'' personal or class sites do not belong here (please submit to the appropriate category for the subject you teach), and neither does anything that is not in English.
Finding a job in academia is in some respects very different from finding a job in the business world. This category lists sites dedicated to the process of finding academic jobs, in particular, academic CVs, job talks, and on-campus interviews.
A number of companies have taken to paying students to take notes in college courses, which are then posted -- often without the professor's permission -- on the company's website. This category is for sites related to the controversy over this new practice. Pending consensus on the legal and copyright issues, there will be no listing (ie advertising) of sites that provide such course notes.
Organizations dedicated to higher education in general, professors and administrators, and teaching in colleges and universities.
Journals and newsletters on higher education, academia, and undergraduate and graduate teaching.
University units and institutes charged with professional development and teaching training of professors and teaching assistants. These websites often have useful resources for university instructors in general.
The teaching portfolio is an important tool in a educator development. It is also becoming increasingly important in hiring and promotion decisions. Sites in this category provide information and guidelines for creating and improving a teaching portfolio.
Resource site for teachers in higher education institutions, including teaching assistants.