This category is for online bilingual dictionaries of French. To be listed, these lexicographic sites must be written in English or have English options.

Specialized sites (ranging from topical vocabularies to working-world references and multidisciplinary term banks) are collected in the Terminology subcategory.

Refer to Multilingual for translation dictionaries in three or more languages.

This category is only for lexicographic works (i.e. dictionaries, glossaries, term banks, etc.). Please see the hyperlinked categories below for other language-related subjects.

Sites written in a non-English language should be submitted to World categories, e.g. World/French.

Commercial sites will not be listed here.

Lexicographic works of general scope focus on everyday words and expressions like "table," "high school," and "it's raining cats and dogs," but can also encompass (to a certain extent) technical expressions of general interest (e.g. "information technology," "carbon monoxide," and "luxation"). A well-known English-only general dictionary is the Merriam-Webster's. Basic foreign-language word lists for beginners also qualify as general. This category is intended for specialized works on certain subjects (e.g. topical/thematic vocabularies on food or sports), working-world references (e.g. dictionaries for business travelers, military personnel, or technicians/scientists), and multidisciplinary term banks (those may contain some everyday words, but they offer in-depth coverage of technical fields while general dictionaries do not).
This category covers specialized lexicographic works (i.e. dictionaries, glossaries, term banks, etc.). It is subject to the French charter.

General-interest English-French dictionaries and word lists should be listed in the mother category.