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Since Reference/Dictionaries/Language is mainly for online dictionaries and vocabulary lists between English and non-English (sometimes non-English to non-English), this category Reference/Dictionaries/Language/E/English provides only links to related English language categories. This category is unlikely to accept new entries.
Sites found in this category will generally be alphabetized listings of English that is not considered to be standard. This means that the language is free from the grammar and spelling restrictions of mainstream English and has been shaped by the idiosyncrasies of a particular culture or group of people.
Definitions, parts of speech, and example sentences should all be listed in English on sites in this category. Sites that describe English slang in other languages such as Chinese or Japanese should go to the following English as a Second Language category: Arts/Education/Language_Arts/English/English_as_a_Second_Language/Student_Resources/Idioms_and_Slang/.