The Ask an Expert: Homework Help category is for websites that allow students to submit their own questions for answers. While archives of useful answers and information are useful, in order to get listed in this category, there must be a live human answering questions, not just a search engine or computer.

In addition, this category is for sites that provide this human service free of charge. Answers that are available for a fee should be listed in Ask an Expert: For a Fee. Tutoring agencies, private tutors, and after-school programs will not be listed in this category. They should be submitted to the Regional category that corresponds with their base of operations. Forums also are not appropriate for this category, and should be submitted to the relevant subject category, as they are a different type of site and have a different function.

Again, we ONLY want web sites where you can submit questions to a pool of experts and have them supply an answer.

Finally, sites listed in this category should be accessible by younger students.

Please read these guidelines carefully, as submitting your site to the wrong category will most likely prevent your site from getting listed.

Sites that are good candidates for the Homework Help category will have the following characteristics:
1. An easily accessible interface for students over the age of 13 to submit their questions.
2. Human experts who will answer the questions.

Sites that will not be accepted to the Homework Help category:
1. Sites that provide information, but not directly in response to user questions.
2. Site that provide answers to general questions, not homework questions.
3. Sites that provide answers or advice for a fee.
4. Sites that are promoting a specific business.
5. Sites that complete homework assignments, rather than guide students in their own work.