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Please submit only sites whose primary focus is information regarding wine-related travel. Appropriate sites include informational guides to wine tourism (e.g. a site with recommendations for lodging, dining, wine-related itineraries and/or winery tours) and sites with links to wine-tourism resources. Other types of travel sites should be submitted to an appropriate category in the Recreation: Travel category.

Companies offering guided tours to wineries or wine regions should not submit to this category. All sites offering wine tours should be submitted to Recreation: Travel: Specialty Travel: Culinary: Wine and not here.

Other types of sites which should be submitted elsewhere include:

  • Informational guides about wine, types of wine or wine regions, but are not specifically related to travel, should be submitted to the appropriate sub-category of Recreation: Food: Drink: Wine: Guides_and_Directories.

  • Individual wineries should be submitted to the appropriate geographical sub-category in Recreation: Food: Drink: Wine.

  • Individual lodging establishments in wine country should be submitted to the appropriate lodging sub-category of the appropriate locality within the Regional category.

Thank you.

This category is for informational guides and directories that focus on wine-related travel. Sites may include descriptions of wine regions, suggested itineraries for wine travel, or links to wine-travel resources.
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