This category is for resources and information on specialized forms of travel. These sources are specifically geared toward attracting a particular customer, whether it be music lovers or culinary enthusiasts. These resources should be the primary focus of the site.
Please submit all sites to a more specific category. Submitting to the correct category will speed the listing of your site.
  • Travel agents, tour operators, transportation companies, and other businesses which do not have a specific and clear specialty will not be listed here. Please submit to either Travel Agents, Tour Operators, or Transportation.
Reserved for companies offering Adventure Tours and Travel.
Few sites, if any, will be listed in this category. Please submit your listing to a more specific topic.
Submitting your site to the wrong category will delay or prevent your listing in the directory.
Travel sites of interest to African Americans.
Archaeology is the systematic recovery and study of material evidence, such as graves, buildings, tools, and pottery, remaining from past human life and culture. This category holds travel resources and tour sites that specifically cater to those seeking archaeology excursions and traveling experiences.

The arts is a field or category of art, such as painting, photography, music, ballet, or literature.

Listings in this category should be specifically oriented to the traveler seeking information and resources on trips and holiday planning catering to the art enthusiast.

Before submitting, also look at the alternative categories, and decide which is the best fit for your site. Categories within Arts are better suited for trips and workshops that are more technically oriented, such as learning how to paint, improving photography skills.

This category would be better for trips on appreciating art, or getting opportunities to get good photographs

Music, Architectureand Photography should be submitted in the appropriate subcategory.

Sites providing travel to specific countries should be listed in the country sub-category if possible. This is based on the destination country, not the location of the company/site providing the service.

Backpacking is low-budget, independent, see-the-world, off-the-beaten-track travelling. Averse to lugging luggage and to the bland, packaged nature of the commercial tour, backpackers prize the mobility that their packs give them, and would never trade their pack for a suitcase, no matter how many wheels it had. Although many tools and techniques are similar to the wilderness hiker, backpacking is more about exploring the world than appreciating natural beauty.
Backpacking is low-budget, independent, see-the-world, off-the-beaten-track travelling.
The category is for sites relating to worldwide battlefield tourism.
Mozilla at the Helm

Listings for the charter (hire or rental) of all types of recreational vessels, including bareboat, skippered, crewed, flotilla and cabin charters, for the purposes of yachting, sailing, touring or cruising.

Crewed Yacht Charter: Rental of a private yacht with a crew, usually including a captain, chef and sometimes further crewmembers. Typical charter period is one week but can be shorter or longer.

Bareboat Yacht Charter: Rental of a private yacht without a crew, only permitted if the charterer can document sufficient sailing skills, often including an on-site evaluation upon arrival. A bareboat charter includes the boat, basic equipment necessary to carry out the trip, but no food or other supplies.

Please suggest English language sites whose focus is Boat Charter once in the most appropriate subcategory only.
Note: Fishing Charter is in a different section of the directory.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Travel advice and resources for independent and budget travelers.
This category features websites which offers advice and resources for budget travelers Notice to travel agents: Please submit your site to the most appropriate category; not this one unless your website offers specific non- commercial budget content.
This category lists sites for those who plan corporate travel for individuals and groups, as well as sites which provide resources to aid the corporate traveller. This category is not for the "business of travel". Those sites are listed in other Recreation: Travel and Business: Hospitality categories.
Please submit sites which provide specific information for the corporate traveler. This includes:
  • Corporate travel agents and management consultants
  • Corporate incentive programs involving travel
  • General resource sites with tips and advice for corporate travelers

This category is not for sites related to the "business of travel". As such, the following sites should not be submitted here:

A cruise is a vacation by ship lasting at least 24 hours with overnight sleeping facilities and dining provided. Only sites with a specific focus on cruises are listed under the Cruises category and its sub-categories.

Few sites will be listed here, at the top level of the cruise recreation category.Only content-rich resources of interest to the cruise-going community will be listed here.

Sites that DO NOT belong here include cruise-only travel agencies, generalist travel agencies, and individuals'' personal cruise-related sites. Submit those sites only to the relevant sub-categories.

The Culinary Specialty Travel category is for English language sites directed to persons seeking specific travel information and resources related to the kitchen and/or cookery. Cooking classes specifically catering to the short-term traveler and tours directed only to the interests of food and beverage enthusiasts will be found in this category.
Sites must include an English translation. All others should be submitted to the appropriate language category of World/ .

General tours and travel agent sites should be submitted to the appropriate Regional/ category.

Genuine Ecotourism is environmentally sustainable and conservation supporting travel which supports conservation and benefits the local community. Ecotourism is the practice of touring natural habitats in a manner meant to minimize ecological impact. It is tourism that benefits rather than exploits the natural and human environments in areas visited. It is active rather than passive, emphasizing cultural exchange rather than mere sightseeing. It is value-driven, as opposed to ordinary tourism, which is profit-driven.
Only those travel resources which provide specific and specialized information or services on Ecotourism should be submitted.

Ecotourism is defined as environmentally sustainable, conservation supporting travel which benefits the local community and promotes environmental and cultural education.

Travel businesses that provide many services, of which ecotourism is not the primary focus, should be submitted to the proper Regional category where the business is located.

Submitting a tour operator site to Ecotourism, without this being the primary focus, will result in delays in having the site listed. Please submit to the proper Regional category to speed the process.

This category lists travel resources of interest to adults traveling with children. This includes travelogues, tips and advice, and travel services which focus specifically on family travel.
Please suggest travel resources of interest to adults traveling with children. This includes sites with tips and advice, as well as travel agents, tour operators, or travel providers which cater solely to such clients.

Travel agents, tour operators, transportation companies, or other travel providers which offer some family travel packages along with a suite of other offerings should not be suggested here.

Repeated suggestions by the same company is considered spam, and may result in suggestions being blocked or removed entirely from the Directory.

Sites whose primary focus is to provide information and resources on trips to gambling destinations.
Information on organised tours of historic designed gardens worldwide.
This category is for garden tour information which is not specific to a country or region.
Includes links to sites offering information on or about holistic travel in the general sense.

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.

Websites for companies offering travel to a country and medical care packages while there.
Sites listed here will focus on travel packages for tourists seeking medical and surgical treatment outside their own country.

If other types of tour are also offered on the site, it belongs in a more general category.

A pilgrimage is travel to sites sacred to a particular religious or spiritual tradition for the purpose of renewing or revitalizing one's connection with that tradition. It is often led by someone with special expertise or knowledge of the subject.
Please submit only sites with specific travel programs that include programs that relate to spiritual growth. The category does not include travel related to mainstream established religions. Thus, a trip to South America to visit a shaman would qualify but a trip emphasizing Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu practice and study would not.
To speed the review of your site and its listing in the directory, please go to Regional and add use the request form in the correct category of your locality.
Sites specializing in travel for seniors.
Space travel for recreational purposes or tourism.
Spa retreats, camps and hotels providing extended stay spa experiences focusing on exercise, nutrition, massage, relaxation and general stress reduction for men or women.
This category lists only spa resorts (i.e. facilities with accommodations for extended stay) which provide services including exercise, nutrition, massage, and stress reduction.
  • Individual day spas, hair, nail, or beauty salons are not listed here. Sites for individual salons or day spas should be submitted to the category corresponding to the geographic location of the business.
Reserved for sites catering to students- Student Tours, Spring Break, etc.
If your site is about information regarding paranormal places, please submit it to, Society/Paranormal/Ghosts/Places_and_Hauntings.
Type of Sites That Should be Suggested
- Suggest sites that focus on Supernatural/Paranormal travel tours and packages including,
- Haunted location tours
- Ghost hunting
- Paranormal Investigations
The users browsing through this category are likely to look for sites which offer such packages or tours.
Please review a few of the sites in the directory as examples before deciding whether your submission would be an appropriate addition.
Submission Tips:
- When writing the site's URL, please use the shortest version that opens the main page.
- When writing the site's title, please ensure it is the same as the organization or vessel.
- When writing the site's description, please say what it offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.
- We suggest you add the geographic location at the end of the description.
Travel associated with weddings and honeymoons can require much planning. This category holds listings with resources and information available to help make travel plans for these events. General wedding information can be located at Society/Relationships/Weddings
This category does not hold regional listings for tour operators, accommodation, wedding services, or personal wedding memory pages. Travel resources only...a hotel that also welcomes honeymooners should be submitted to the proper Regional category for lodging.

Failure to submit regional specific listings to the most appropriate Regional category may delay your submission being reviewed and possibly listed.

For example, wedding/honeymoon services in Las Vegas, Nevada should be submitted to: Regional/North_America/United_States/Nevada/Localities/L/Las_Vegas/Business_and_Economy/Event_Planning/Weddings/

For quicker placement in the directory please follow these Submission Tips:

Title: Name of Business or Organization

Description: This describes the website and should note distinguishing features found on the site without the use of hype, personal pronouns, or repetitive terms.