The United Kingdom is the home of Scouting where it began in August 1907 at a trial camp on Brownsea Island. Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell, now known the world over as B-P, conducted the camp. With the publication of B-P's "Scouting for Boys" early in 1908, a youth movement spontaneously sprung up. Soon afterwards, the Scout Association was formed by B-P to give structure to the movement and to organize training, called Wood Badge, for adult leaders. Guiding was also begun in the United Kingdom. B-P quickly realized that girls were also participating in the movement, so, with his sister Agnes and later his wife, Olave, the Girl Guides were founded and developed. Further, B-P, with the aid of his brother, Warrington, an avid sailor and aficionado of canoe sailing, also founded the Sea Scouts. Scouting rapidly developed into a worldwide organization and is today the largest youth movement in the world. B-P is universally recognized as the founder of Scouting.
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