Scouts Canada is Canada's largest Scout association and national member association of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Within months of the publication of Scouting for Boys in 1908, Scout Troops had sprung up in Canada. In 1910 Lord Baden-Powell asked the Earl Grey, then the Governor-General of Canada, to take the lead in developing Scouting in Canada. Scouts Canada was chartered by the Parliament of Canada in 1914 under the name "Canadian General Council of Boy Scouts Associations". The name was eventually changed to "Boy Scouts of Canada" then to "Scouts Canada".
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Objective of the Guild:
  1. To keep alive, amongst its members, the spirit of the Scout Promise and Law in their own lives.
  2. To carry that spirit into the community in which they live and work.
  3. Whilst remembering other responsibilities, actively support Scouting and Guiding in their communities.
A positive group experience for children aged 5-7 designed to develop in them a love of nature, an ability to share and play together, and an ability to express their creativity. Motto: Sharing, Sharing, Sharing.
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A person appointed by Scouts Canada to be the Public face and promoter of Scouting in Canada
Speeches and information about the Chief Scout.
Scouts Canada's affairs at the local level are administered by councils. Provincial Councils are divided into Regions, which are further divided into Districts and sometimes Areas.
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Cubs is a program for children aged 8-10 designed for maximum enjoyment and learning through activities in such areas as outdoors, acting, games, music, Badge and Star work, handicrafts, and stories. Motto: Do Your Best.
Gilwellians are Scouters who have complete the Woodbadge Part II, the second of two levels of Scouter training. In recognition of this training, they are invested into the First Gilwell Troop and presented with the Gilwell necker and beads.
The Governor General of Canada is the Patron of Scouts Canada.
This category is for information and articles about the the activities of the Patron
Rovers is a program for adults aged 18-26 designed to emphasize the enjoyment of the outdoors, service projects, and personal development. Motto: Service.
Scout Groups consist of more than one of the five sections. Most sections are associated with a group.
Scouts is an adventurous program for young people aged 11-14 in which the members develop skills, earn Badges and awards, and have fun in the outdoors through hiking and camping, all designed to help guide them as they move towards good citizenship. Motto: Be Prepared.
Venturers is for young people aged 14-17 who, with the help of an adult Advisor, work together as a company in the planning and operation of an action-oriented outdoor program and, at the same time, learn to handle adult responsibilities in the operation of their own affairs. Motto: Challenge.