This category is dedicated to the groups, sections and councils of The Girl Guides of Canada other than at the national level. Formation of Guiding took place in Canada in 1910, immediately after its introduction in the United Kingdom in 1909. Guiding grew directly out of the Boy Scout organization when Baden-Powell found that girls had formed their own groups. Within months of the publication of Scouting for Boys in 1908, scouting groups had also sprung up in Canada. In 1910 Lord Baden-Powell asked the Earl Grey, then the Governor-General of Canada, to take the lead in developing scouting in Canada. Scouts Canada was chartered by the Parliament of Canada in 1914 under the name "Canadian General Council of Boy Scouts Associations".
This category lists sites by and about the individual groups and sections, and the councils within the Girl Guides of Canada other than at the National level. It is not a general site for Guides. For sites dealing with national Girl Guides Canada organizations see Recreation/Scouting/Regional/North_America/Canada Sites by a particular group, section or council but whose content is related to a topic (such as camp sites, a resource, campfire programs etc) should be listed under an appropriate topical category.
Brownie section of the Girl Guides of Canada
Girl Guide section of Guides Canada
Guiding organizations of Girl Guides of Canada that include more than one of the program levels - Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, and Rangers.
The Links is a program of the Girl Guides of Canada as a network for adults 18 - 30 years of age.
Pathfinder Guides of the Girl Guides of Canada
Regional and local councils of the Girl Guides of Canada.
Sparks section of the Girl Guides of Canada
Auxiliary group of the Girl Guides.