The Order of the Arrow, OA, is a national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America. Founded by Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson in 1915, it seeks to develop and maintain a lasting brotherhood of cheerful service, Scout camping traditions and spirit, and appreciation for Native American culture. For information about membership, organization, leadership, or programs, please visit the official OA site at
This category is intended for National and Region sites only. Sections, Lodges, Chapters, and Teams should submit to its own respective category.

Please include the region name and some geographic description of your region. Also include some information about your site specifically.

A Chapter is a sub-division of a Lodge. Many lodges are divided into chapters based on how the respective council is divided into districts. A team, which is also a group within a Lodge, would be appropriately included in this category.
OA Chapter websites and Team websites (dance or ceremony for example) teams are appropriate here. Sites which cover multiple chapters or teams would be more appropriate in the lodge category. Please include your chapter name (or team name/type), lodge name and number, council name and number and a brief description of your site.
The OA Lodge is the basic unit of the local level and is generally associated directly with a specific BSA Council. The Lodge can be broken into Chapters, and multiple Lodges are grouped into Sections.
Please include Lodge name and number, if available. The description should include the supporting council''s name, and a description of the site''s features. The names of supported summer camps would also be appropriate to include.
An Order of the Arrow Section is a subdivision of a Region. The OA is divided into six regions of the USA and each region is divided into sections. Sections are further divided into Lodges which generally corelate to a specific BSA Council.
Please include the section name and a brief description of the geographic service area. A description of the site should include available features and an overview.