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The Baden-Powell family, Sir Robert, his brother, his sister, Agnes, and his wife, Olave, were all active in the scouting and guiding movement. Robert and Olave shared the same birthday, 22 February. That week has come to be recognized as scout and guide week. In the girl scouting and guiding movement the day is a day of reflection called Thinking Day.
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Brownsea Island is the birthplace of World Scouting and Guiding. Lord Robert Baden Powell held the first Scout camp there in 1907.
Biographical information and history of the Cornwell Award for courage by scouting youth.
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The Scouting movement's female branch began in 1908, soon after Robert Baden-Powell saw that girls were taking part in the scouting movement. With his sister Agnes, the project of an outdoors program for girls was begun. Olave Baden-Powell, the founders wife, took up the cause and became the Chief Guide of the World. The movement invarious countries is called Girl Guides or Girl Scouts. In countries with a coeducational program there are often units for girls only.
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