"We want open-air space, grounds of our own, preferably permanent game grounds easily accessible for the use of Scouts." - BP, January, 1919. BP's vision has become a reality. Scout associations now own many outdoor facilities. Some are just campsites and some offer extensive program activities. Use this category to find the sites that match your needs. The area of campsites is sometimes given in hectares (ha) and sometimes in acres. To convert from acres to hectares, multiply by 0.4. To covert from hectares to acres, multiply by 2.5.
This category is for physical campsites, not camp events. The name of the camp should be the title of the entry. The description should contain the location of the camp, a brief description of special features, and the organization that operates the camp.

Campsites of international interest go in the top category. Sites of more local interest go in their respective country categories.

The campsite should be owned, operated, or administrated directly by an official scouting organization even if the web site is not. Campgrounds friendly to scouting open to the general public would be more appropriately listed in a sub-category of Recreation/Outdoors/Camping/Campgrounds/

Scout and Guide campsites on the Isle of Man.
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Please also submit a copy of your site to the appropriate Locality within Regional/North_America/United_States/New_Jersey/Localities. Thank you.
Scout Camps in Zimbabwe.