Scouting is a world-wide non-formal educational movement for young people founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell. From its modest beginning at his experimental camp comprised of 22 youth held on Brownsea Island in August of 1907 there has developed the largest youth organization in the world. Membership today stands at some 25 million Scouts and 10 million Guides and Girl Scouts.
Scouting aims to develop the mental, moral and physical capabilities of youth through a progressive program emphasizing outdoor activities. Scouting is well regarded for introducing young people to environmental issues, outdoor skills, community service projects, and co-operative activities. Scouting is a team that works on the patrol system and as such is a uniformed organization with a Promise and Law.

The Scout Motto:
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Sites must be in English or have significant English content. Sites in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate World (Language) category.

Topical Scouting Sites
The Scouting category has been divided into various topical sub-categories. Please consult the Directory sub-categories for an appropriate subject when submitting a subject oriented site.

International Scouting Organizations should be submitted to: Organizations sub-category.

National, regional and local council sites; Group, and Section sites:
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consult the sub-category listings under Organizations
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Listed Scouting Associations
If the Scouting association to which your group belongs is listed please submit your site to the appropriate sub-category.
Unlisted Scouting Associations
If the Scouting association to which your group belongs is not yet listed under Organizations then select the country listed under Organizations and submit it to that Country sub category. If neither the Organization nor the Country is listed as a sub-category of Organizations then submit the site to:
Regional under the appropriate Geographic Area or Country

If you do not know where your site belongs submit it to this top category and we will find the proper placement.
The Scouters of the 1st ODP Troop thank you for your submission
"We want open-air space, grounds of our own, preferably permanent game grounds easily accessible for the use of Scouts." - BP, January, 1919. BP's vision has become a reality. Scout associations now own many outdoor facilities. Some are just campsites and some offer extensive program activities. Use this category to find the sites that match your needs. The area of campsites is sometimes given in hectares (ha) and sometimes in acres. To convert from acres to hectares, multiply by 0.4. To covert from hectares to acres, multiply by 2.5.
This category is for physical campsites, not camp events. The name of the camp should be the title of the entry. The description should contain the location of the camp, a brief description of special features, and the organization that operates the camp.

Campsites of international interest go in the top category. Sites of more local interest go in their respective country categories.

The campsite should be owned, operated, or administrated directly by an official scouting organization even if the web site is not. Campgrounds friendly to scouting open to the general public would be more appropriately listed in a sub-category of Recreation/Outdoors/Camping/Campgrounds/

Discussions, notice boards and forums for all sections of the Scouting movement.
Please only submit forums and discussion groups here if they are specifically Scouting related. Any other Scouting sites should be placed elsewhere in the directory.
This category includes the manufacturing, supply, trading, collecting, and display of Scouting collectibles and memorabilia. Scouting Collectibles include patches, badges, crests, uniforms, handbooks, souvenirs, stamps and other forms of memorabilia.
Please list only sites which relate to the manufacturing, supply, trading, collecting, or display of Scouting collectibles and memorabilia. Scouting Collectibles include patches, badges, crests, uniforms, handbooks, souvenirs, stamps and other forms of memorabilia.
Scouts participate in many events, the best known of these are the Jamborees. Jamborees can be large camps of Scouts from a local area (most likely called a camporee) up to huge international events.
The site title should be the name of the event. The description should start with the dates and location, followed by a brief description of the event and the name of the organization operating the event.
History of the Scouting movement and individual Scouting organizations, including biographical material on key figures in Scouting.
Submit scouting history sites of general interest including sites about founders of scouting, international, national and regional organizations.
Scouting recognition for service, bravery, and fortitude as granted by a Scouting organization or other official body.
Submit sites concerning citations, badges or medals and the requirements for these honours or awards. Sites for personal achievement should be listed under Recreation/Scouting/Personal Pages
Scouting grew into an international movement within the first year of its existence. International Scouting organizations have grown up to facilitate and support the international aspect of the movement. This category includes those various supporting organizations that assist in the provision of scouting programs on a worldwide basis as well as individual scouting, guiding or girl scouting groups or sections, and their senior councils.

In 1938 Winston S. Churchill made this tribute to BP and the Scouting Movement.

In this uncertain world one cannot be sure of much. But it seems probable that one or two hundred years hence, or it may be more, this monument that we have seen set up in our lifetime will still proclaim the fame of its founder, not in the silent testimony of bronze or stone, but as an institution guiding and shaping the lives and thoughts of men.

Sites must be in English or have English pages or significant English content. On the main Scouting page is a list of the language groups that have a scouting category. Sites in all other languages should be submitted to the most appropriate available category in the particular language.

International scouting organizations are listed directly under this category

National Scouting Organizations and sub units of listed Associations are to be submitted under the appropriate association sub-category while those relating to Associations that are not listed as sub-categories are to be listed under Country Name
General scouting sites for a particular country are to be listed under Regional by Geographic Designation or Country.

Please follow the guidelines set out below for placement of your group or council site.

Section, Group, and Council Web Sites
Only scouting, girl scouting, and guiding groups that belong to an association listed as a directory sub-category are to be submitted here.
For the Scouting associations listed here, please submit your site under the sub-category name of the Association to which your group belongs. Please read the Submission Notice for your Association''s sub-category for details on submitting a council, group or section site.

If your scouting, girl scouting, or guiding association is not listed as a sub-category of Organizations please submit the site under the appropriate Country sub-category in Organizations
If the country name does not appear as a sub-category of Organizations then submit to Regional under the appropriate country or regional sub-category. All sites submitted must be in English or have English pages or significant English content. Sites in other languages should be submitted to World under the appropriate language category. There are Scouting categories for each of the languages listed in the "This Category in Other Languages" notice of Scouting. The editors may consider making an exception for the official national site of a scouting association for which no scouting category or language category yet exists for a particular language.
This category is for the personal homepages of Scouts and Scouters.
Submit pages of personal scouting content. Group sites should be listed under Recreation/Scouting/Organizations
Foundations, charitable funds and voluntary gifts for Scouting purposes.
Scouting is a worldwide movement. The purpose of this category is to list general scouting information pertinent to a particular country or that serve a part of the global community of scouting. The sub-categories relate to geographic areas and then to countries.
Please do not submit sites directly to this level of the category. International Organizations and Council or Group sites are to be listed in Organizations. Please check that sub-category for your association.

Please submit regional organizations to the appropriate geographic region. Scouting sites related to scouting in a particular country are to be submitted to the appropriate country category. If a country sub-category does not exist submit sites of that country to the next appropriate larger geographic sub-category. Sites related to specific topics such as Resources, Campsites, Collectibles etc. should be listed under the proper category. Scouting sites that do not have any other appropriate place for listing in the Directory may be listed under the relevant country or geographic sub-category of this category.
One of the principles of Scouting is the careful use of all resources. The sites listed here are resource materials to 1) help Scouters and Guiders in all sections to run better Scouting programs for the young people in their sections, and 2) help Scouters and Guiders develop leadership skills and 3) to provide access to scouting and guiding resources of all kinds.
Do not submit council or event patches or badges, this is a program badge category. For the collectors category See: Collectibles
Post secondary funding available for scouting members.
Shops operated by Scouting and Guiding councils or national or world scouting organizations that sell scout equipment, badges, uniforms, and ancillary items.
This sub-category is for council or scouting organization shops only. Please list the manufacture and sale of particular scouting and guiding related items or equipment under Merchandise