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This is the project which buried the Central Artery (Interstate 93) in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., completed December, 2003.
Byways are roads specially designated by government bodies which follow routes of some significance, usually that which relates to scenery or culture. (This is the American definition of "byway"; sites about British byways [green lanes] may be submitted to Recreation: Outdoors: Offroad Vehicles )
No commercial sites - submit those to a category like Business: Construction and Maintenance .
This category is for specific highway projects planned or underway.
Please submit sites regarding the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland to the respective subcategories, not to the main Europe category.
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category contains webpages with lists focusing on intersecting roads/routes and exit numbers; sites focusing on facility availability at exits may be submitted to Reference: Maps: Trip Routing.
Freeway exit listings for the vacationer or business traveller who wants to find out what the exit is before he/she gets there.
This is a category for either roads or numbering systems which do not exist.
Submit any sites related to auto trails, etc.
Many roads are no longer used as thoroughfares but retain historic status.
Interchanges are complex intersections between two or more roads involving connector ramps. The main roadways in interchanges are usually grade-separated (use of overpasses), though some unusual examples include at-grade intersections where there usually are grade separations.
This category lists websites concerning the proposed I-69 extension southwest of Indianapolis.
All the active roadgeek mailing lists and message boards.
Roads and highways of the continent.
Submit websites which contain photographs of roads and related features. Road trip collections with a majority of photographs depicting non-road related subjects should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory within Recreation: Travel: Travelogues .
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category includes any sites devoted to U.S. Route 66. Unlike with the Roads and Highways category in general, sites about roadside attractions along Route 66 may be submitted here.
U.S. Route 66 is a former US highway numbered route with much related folklore.
Submit business websites to Business: Transportation and Logistics: Traffic Control . Non-road signage listings may be found at Business: Business Services: Signage .
There is currently no description created for this category.
This category is for sites about toll or automated roads in general. Specific toll roads go in the regional subcategory of Roads and Highways.
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