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This category is for radio clubs, listeners groups and organizations whose focus is on shortwave and DX listening hobbies at all frequencies.
DXing is considered by many as listening for the "harder to hear" signals. DXing covers large parts of the radio spectrum, and include monitoring or listening activities in the bands listed here with their alternate name versions. - Longwave (also known as Long Wave or LW) - Mediumwave (or Medium Wave, MW, AM, BCB, Broadcast Band) - Shortwave (or Short Wave, SW, SWLing) - VHF/UHF, TV, and FM (Very/Ultra High Frequencies) This category is for links to DX references such as mailing lists and reflectors, individuals DX pages, and other sites that contain news tips about DX and DXing. This category is not for Clubs and Organizations, which have their own categories.
Please submit amateur-related sites to Recreation/Amateur_Radio/Sales_and_Service/. Professional-use two way radio sites should go to the appropriate subcat of Business/Business_Services/Two_Way_Radio/.

Online sales outlets selling shortwave receivers, transmitters or transceivers and related merchandise will be listed in Shopping''s Radios category or a subcategory of it.

This category is for informational sources for equipment used for longwave, mediumwave (AM, BCB), shortwave, and VHF/TV listening or DX listening.
This category is for publications, newsletters, and web sites which serve as Shortwave and DX Listeners' Guides.
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